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The leading platform for your IT hardware

Swiss Remarketing Limited is the leading service provider in Switzerland for the entire life cycle of your IT hardware. We specialise in multi-vendor deployment/installation (incl. software staging), exchange/rollout, as well as return, secure and certified data erasure (wiping), refurbishing and remarketing of used IT equipment. All these services are rendered and handled directly by us.

Up to 100,000 items of IT equipment a year pass through our 3,000 square metre facility. We use the latest tools and continually improve our processes so that our experienced and skilled staff can perform the tasks entrusted to us economically, on time, and in an environmentally sound way. Both our infrastructure and our employees meet the strict criteria of the Federal Act on Measures to Safeguard National Security BWIS and the Ordinance on Personal Security Screening PSPV. In addition, we are certified according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (ISO 27001 in introduction stage). Our seamless security precautions guarantee one hundred percent data integrity during every phase of your IT equipment’s life cycle. We place great emphasis throughout on quality, security, data privacy and anonymisation.

360 IT Lifecycle Services

Our offering targets small and large businesses, hardware manufacturers, IT service providers and leasing firms. You can draw on our services individually or take advantage of our customised total solutions.

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06.12.2017   Management succession at Swiss Remarketing Limited

André Wirth take the role of CEO
Document available in German here.

Our references

Here are some examples from our client portfolio. If you are interested in our services, we would be pleased to give you more detailed information about our references in person.

Avectris AG

Avectris AG (former Axpo Informatik AG) is a field-tested IT service provider for SMEs and is a full-service provider for its customers in the areas of development, implementation and operation of business services, applications and IT infrastructures.


Nestlé was founded in Switzerland in 1866 and is now the largest food company in the world. Nestlé strives to be the recognised number one in nutrition, health and wellness worldwide.

Bundesamt für Informatik und Telekommunikation BIT

The Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) is one of the internal ICT service providers in the Federal Administration. It supports the administration by developing and providing efficient, secure, user and public-friendly IT solutions.


Swiss Post is a diversified Group that operates in four markets. Its three subsidiaries Post CH Ltd, PostFinance Ltd and PostBus Switzerland Ltd provide high-quality, marketable and innovative services, and make every effort to satisfy the high expectations of their customers.

«Our aim is to create space for customers’ own IT core competences by taking care of the entire life cycle management for their IT hardware.» André Wirth, CEO

Our range of services

Our offering covers every service associated with the life cycle of your IT hardware – providing, provisioning (software staging), installation, replacement/relocation (IMAC/R/D), repairs (break-fix), as well as return, data erasure, anonymisation, refurbishment or disposal.

We provide all these services while carefully considering the environmental and economic aspects. Our customizable infrastructure together with experienced, conscientious, flexible and skilled staff ensure that we meet all of your requirements at all times, irrespective of whether you choose our 360-degree offering or individual services.

«With us, you can expect best service at best market rates.» Herbert Boy Arcilla, CSO

Storage logistics, staging, rollout


We have a modern equipment infrastructure, a ground-breaking IT platform and flexible storage for every category of IT product. That enables Swiss Remarketing to cover all logistics activities at every point along the flow of goods. That includes taking care of planning and inventory, relocation to new premises, transport and secure storage (quarantine storage).

Our modern, efficient and secure staging infrastructure is available around the clock for software ‘fuelling’ and provisioning of your IT hardware (fat/thin clients, etc.). Our staging area has a fibre-optic link and over 400 staging stations, which means we can also handle bulk rollouts. In addition, we have four customer-dedicated staging areas available for short or long term rental. These premises are all secured by an electronic access system. There is of course video surveillance and an alarm system as well.

In addition, our flexible, motivated and skilled staff are always available for on-site, new installations or for the replacement of existing IT infrastructure. We can handle a subset of rollout activities on your behalf, for example, warehousing, equipment assembly, staging, on-site exchange and data erasure. Alternatively, we can also organise an entire rollout for you including management and planning – whether you want to replace just a few devices or thousands. The same security precautions used in data erasure also apply to our infrastructure and personnel (PSPV). We work safely and securely along process-based lines, and are ISO certified.

Data erasure (wiping, destruction of storage media)


For data privacy reasons, IT hardware destined for use elsewhere in your company, remarketing to third parties, donation or disposal must first of all be carefully anonymised. The data wiping process irretrievably erases the information still present on storage media (SSD as well).

Swiss Remarketing decommissions and transports your IT equipment in specially secured and sealed transport boxes. Before that, the equipment is inventoried so that the contents of each box is always clear. For transportation, we use vehicles with GPS tracking and real-time data transmission, allowing us to monitor and log the location and route being taken by your hardware. On arrival at our secure facility, the contents are checked and then immediately fed into the data erasure process. Secure intermediate storage is also possible on request (quarantine storage).

Data storage media is processed using recognised and certified professional tools from Blancco Technology Group – the market reference in this segment and one of the only companies who owns an patented-registered method to wipe SSD media. Equipment is anonymised at the same time, making it impossible to deduce its original place of deployment. Data storage media that does not complete the erasure process with 100 percent success is immediately physically destroyed in a shredder facility. If you wish, the same processing can also be carried out locally at your premises.

With us, security and data privacy are given the highest priority throughout the process. As the leading service provider for IT Asset Disposition ITAD, Swiss Remarketing guarantees the highest security precautions to protect your data using rigorous processes, the strictest security standards and PSPV-screened personnel. We guarantee that data has been completely and irretrievably erased and issue corresponding certificates of deletion/destruction. All this is carried out in in accordance with legal requirements and is ISO certified with seamless documentation for each item of equipment.

After that, we take care of refurbishing and sales on your behalf, as well as donations (remarketing) or proper disposal.

«We are convinced: nowhere else will your data be so securely erased. Seeing our infrastructure and assessing our processes will convince you, too.» André Wirth, CEO

Blancco Technology Group

Swiss Remarketing Limited is a ITAD Silver Partner of Blancco Technology Group and employs the latest data erasure tools from Blancco.


Looking for solutions for your end-of-life IT hardware?

As the leading service provider for IT Asset Disposition ITAD and as a certified Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Swiss Remarketing provides you with a professional platform for reusing your end-of-life IT hardware – whether that be divestment to employees, school or charity donations, or simply selling it on. We have the right solution for you, which will not put pressure on your own infrastructure. With our national and international trade links, we strive for maximum revenue from your end-of-life IT hardware.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Looking for used IT hardware?

Many computer users are no longer willing to keep pace with every step of rapid and costly technological development. Previous-generation equipment is perfectly adequate for many applications. And if that relieves the budget too, it only adds to the joy of computer technology. Dealers also know that used equipment, well-maintained and tested, makes an attractive supplement to their existing selection of new PCs and peripherals.

Our range extends from mint-condition PCs and laptops to previous-generation peripheral equipment.

Every item on offer has one thing in common: all data from the previous owner has been irretrievably erased by us. After completing that process, used equipment is then fully tested, cleaned, and stripped of any identification relating to its former use. We only sell equipment that is in perfect technical order and we provide a performance guarantee.

Private users, dealers and companies with employee sales program

will find a selection of used IT equipment in our web shop – cleaned, in excellent condition with guarantee and support, at great prices:


Click the logo to access our shop.

Bulk buyers, such as brokers and distributors (sale by palette-load),

are welcome to call +41 56 201 46 82 or send an e-mail to sales@swissremarketing.com, since our offers of used IT equipment change daily.



IT hardware that is no longer functional and cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost has to be disposed of. Swiss Remarketing cooperates with certified recycling companies to ensure all equipment taken out of service is disposed of in accordance with environmental and legal requirements.

Swico Recycling

Swiss Remarketing Limited is a member of Swico Recycling.

«Last year alone, we sent more than 25 tons of no longer reusable hardware for final disposal and thus made a modest, but not to be underestimated, contribution to protecting the environment.» André Wirth, CEO

Our online services

Swiss Remarketing provides several cloud applications where customers can readily place orders and access information. Access codes are needed to make use of the following online services.

Pick up/transport order
Our application for entering and issuing pick up/transport orders:


Audit Information System AIS
You can find full information on IT equipment returned to us in the Audit Information System. Here you can view and prepare test results, erasure certificates, etc. and export them in various formats:


Inventory Management System IMS
Our application for managing your stock/inventory, order placement, etc.:


About us

Swiss Remarketing Limited, with its headquarters in Dottikon in the canton of Aargau, is a Swiss joint stock company registered under the number CHE-105.517.529. It was formed from a management buy-out of COS Remarketing (Schweiz) Limited, a company founded in 2000, by the present Chairman Michel Sautter in 2005. From 2010 onwards, we invested heavily in rollout activities; this area of service now accounts for around two thirds of our revenue.

«Our experienced, conscientious and flexible team ensures that we meet all your requirements at all times.» Michel Sautter, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our mission

Generating superior added value for our customers, employees and business partners with our

360 IT Lifecycle Services

Swiss Remarketing Limited has its roots in IT Asset Disposition ITAD: since 2000, we have been erasing data (wiping), buying and selling, or disposing of used IT hardware (remarketing). From 2005, we expanded our offering to include preparation and installation of new IT hardware (rollout).

As Switzerland’s leading platform for IT hardware services, Swiss Remarketing is positioned as a highly capable specialist for rolling out new devices and remarketing used ones. The comprehensive services we provide help to save costs and resources while also assuring optimal data privacy and process efficiency.

We aim to create space for customers’ own IT core competences by taking care of the entire life cycle management for their IT hardware. Our focus on IT hardware management offers customers the opportunity to outsource a self-contained area of IT, risk-free and cost-efficiently, without entering into any new dependencies.

As an ISO-certified company, we have an in-depth understanding of complex logistical processes. Our high level of automation, seamless security precautions and utterly trustworthy employees ensure one hundred percent data integrity over the entire IT life cycle.

We operate with an eye to long-term success, continually optimising our processes and services. We provide high-grade services to match market and customer needs.

Our management principle is based on respect for people and development opportunities for our employees.

Our employees are both the heart of the company and its strength. Their characteristics are loyalty, acceptance, sound knowledge and a high level of commitment. We are committed to freedom of opinion and an atmosphere of trust and mutual appreciation.

We provide optimal conditions for our employees with regard to their health and safety. For quality control, we use the international standard OHSAS 18001 as well as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards (ISO 27001 in introduction stage).

Our customers are at the centre of our thoughts and actions. We have a flexible approach to accepting challenges and meet our customers’ needs competently and professionally.

Business ethics, both outside and inside the company, are extremely important to us and we are committed to uncompromising integrity. Discretion is guaranteed under all circumstances. 

We are safety-oriented in our daily work, and pay attention to the careful use of resources and our environment.

Environmental management

Unsere Umweltpolitik

Awareness of the threat to natural resources has sparked a change of values in our society. This has led to the introduction of numerous legal regulations and technical standards for the protection of the environment. Environmental management is therefore now a duty for us, and we have integrated it as an ongoing and permanent process within our company. In order to meet requirements, we operate an environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. These are its objectives:

  • Gain recognition among customers, employees and authorities and also the public
  • Achieve greater effectiveness and cost reductions
  • Relieve management through greater legal certainty
  • Document clear responsibilities
  • Encourage the development and enhancement of other management systems
  • Define rules for continuous further development
  • Foster the corporate culture.

Our Management

Management at Swiss Remarketing Limited makes every effort to meet your needs as a customer. Our executives are highly trained, upright individuals with wide ranging experience from various fields.

André Wirth, Chief Executive Officer

André Wirth

Having completed my basic technical training, I joined the IT sector 30 years ago. I continued my professional development with an MBA in Zurich and Boston (USA), as well as undertaking extensive training in strategic management and security/risk management. From 2008 to 2015, I was CIO of Swiss Life Select and before that spent twelve years as IT manager at Deloitte Switzerland. With my experience, I can well gauge the expectations of our customers and develop optimal solutions with them.

Herbert Boy Arcilla, Chief Sales Officer

After basic and further education at the HSG Institute of Retail Management (University of St. Gallen) in Sales Management, I gained varied and long-standing experience in IT hardware (server/client), software security sales and as a branch head. For more than 30 years, the focus of my actions has been customers and their needs, allowing us to work together to find a customer-driven solution.

Michel Sautter, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Michel Sautter

Having graduated as a watchmaker from the Ecole d’Horlogerie de Genève (dip. E.T.S.) I have a good feel for details. I acquired management skills through extensive further training. As co-owner of Swiss Remarketing Limited, it is my personal wish that you are more than satisfied with every service we provide. More information about me may be found on my LinkedIn page.

Kurt Früh, Member of the Board of Directors

I completed a commercial apprenticeship and then a degree in business economics at the University of St. Gallen. My professional experience includes running an IT wholesale company for eleven years, followed by fourteen years as CEO and Chairman of a listed Swiss company in the IT industry. Since 2000, I have been using my skills, experience and personal network supporting Swiss Remarketing Limited. More information about me may be found on my Xing page.

Oskar Oberholzer, Member of the Board of Directors

With 24 years’ fiduciary experience as owner-operator of FERBA Treuhand Limited, I have been supporting the management of Swiss Remarketing Limited in all financial matters since 2010. For me, a sense of duty and punctuality are fundamental requirements to conscientiously perform my tasks.

Contact & location map

Swiss Remarketing Limited
Bahnhofstrasse 66
CH-5605 Dottikon

Tel. +41 56 201 46 70

Our official opening hours are: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Outside these hours, we can be reached by voice mail or e-mail. When a message arrives, we deal with it as quickly as possible.

We are 30 minutes away from Zurich by train, or 60 minutes from Bern. Our premises are just 250 meters from Dottikon-Dintikon train station. If you are arriving by car, you can park right in front of Swiss Remarketing Limited's headquarters.

GPS coordinates: 447°22'33.2"N 8°13'58.7"E